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def·​i·​ni·​tion | \ ˌde-fə-ˈni-shən
mys·​tic moon si-ster; a connection between women that is cultivated and tended to by grandmother moon, sacred ceremonies, wombanhood and sisterhood. A connection as strong as the gravitational pull of the moon herself, drawn towards one another and stronger when united. 


Soul Sisters.

Meet the Mystic Moon Sisters Destiny, Angela and Jennifer! Three Earth signs devoted to healing and holistic wellness that were drawn together by the mystic moon. Destiny passed away in October 2022 and her light and healing energy continues to work in her community by those she inspired, through Mystic Moon Sisters, and her family and friends. She is missed greatly by so many. Angela and Destiny created Mystic Moon Sisters in 2021 to gather like minded community for holistic health, wellness and above all else support. Jennifer, a true Mystic Moon Sister was Angela's rock after the loss of Destiny and without her, Mystic Moon Sisters may not have been able to continue on its divine mission. The creation of Moon Sisters Community provided the safe, supportive and loving space to so many in the challenging time of loosing such a vibrant human being. Angela and Jennifer put their energy and skills towards helping their community reach their goals, to heal, and to gather in sacred ceremony. They believe in establishing an energetic balance and flow within your mind and body.

— thank you for connecting with us to be a part of your journey and divine work.



200 RYT Heart Yoga Instructor
50 RYT Kids Yoga Instructor
Level I+II Reiki Practitioner
SUP Certified Instructor

Angela lives in Canoe BC with her husband Aaron, and three daughters Kylie, Hanna, and Addie. Born and raised in the Shuswap area her heart lives in the mountains and the lake. She is passionate about holistic health and teaching Yoga as a way to help people connect back to their bodies and tune into their own self wisdom, and power. She teaches weekly yoga classes at the Canoe Seniors Hall, subs classes at Sweet Freedom Yoga Studio and Boutique in Salmon Arm, and also teaches a weekly Free yoga class for students at the Salmon Arm Okanagan College Campus. She also offers Private Yoga classes and online series. Check out her website to learn more about her upcoming classes or to book a Reiki session at her new space!


Master Reiki Instuctor
Moon Wisdom Teacher
Crystal therapy
Sound therapy



Jennifer Whitewolf

Jennifer grew up in a small village in Nova Scotia, left for Calgary at 19 and never left the wild wild west!  She is a Fisherman’s daughter and the daughter of a Human Rights Activist and Residential School Survivor. In 2020, Jennifer struggled with Her health, and nearly lost the battle. After finding Natural Medicine and Ancient Healing modalities, she has been living a sober, wild, holistic life and is now an advocate for Natural Healing and Plant Medicine. Jennifer is passionate about sharing Her plant medicine healing journey with others in hopes that they too can find healing in nature.

Jennifer is a Sovereign Mikmaq Native who is on Her Shamanic path studying Her ancestral traditions and medicines as well as gaining local wisdom and learning healing modalities and traditions with local Indigenous leaders in the Interior BC Regions. Jennifer is continuing Her path of study to one day include Psychedelic Shamanic Journeying as a future offering as well as being enrolled in a Wild Herbal Medicine Program.

She recently moved to an acreage in Larch Hills with Her husband Patrick, their cat Ladybug and newly adopted Maremma mountain dog, Willow. There she forages wild foods and medicines and is learning how to live a sustainably at Her new home where she has started her first large garden and has a shed for preserving and processing food and medicines.

She has had a lengthy career in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality & Tourism Industries and has a true passion for creating life changing experiences. Jennifer is a solo female backpacker and traveller and She has a true passion for bushcraft, wild living and self reliance.

Destiny came into Jennifer’s life as Her Reiki healer and Mentor. Through their passion for Holistic Health and Love of Ceremony and Magic, they became close friends. Jennifer was able to meet with Destiny a week before she transitioned to the spirit world to learn Reiki Energy Healing from Her and received Her Reiki levels 1 & 2 with Destiny. Jennifer is a prolific Intuitive Healer, Energy Worker, Mentor, Empowerment Coach, Sacred Ceremony Guide and is the owner and founder of Wild Moon Wellness. Jennifer is now taking private clients in Her home in Larch Hills and is involved with and hosts many local wellness events. She enjoys collaborating with local holistic health and wellness leaders to bring people together in a community of likeminded, natural wellness focused individuals.

She is profoundly grateful to have been welcomed into such a beautiful, loving and uplifting community of wellness and gives thanks to Destiny for being a guiding light in the darkness, showing Her the way.



written in the stars

Angela and Destiny have crossed paths many times in their lifetimes.

They live just doors away from one another and would exchange friendly hellos before they officially met in the pubic pool hot tub during their kids school field trip.  It was the moon that brought them together.  A conversation of raising their daughters with the wisdom from the moon, and books that inspired them. It was in this moment that their journeys began to shift together to host sacred moon circles, before they ever even knew it.

Angela began her inner healing journey and went to Destiny for reiki treatments. "I have an appointment with Destiny!" She cheekily would exclaim before heading off to discover her love for energetic work, its amazing benefits and Destiny's intuitive healing nature. As Angela continued to go to Destiny for treatments their sessions together started to consist of hour long discussions of the moon, ceremony, and connection that they both desperately were searching for.

Destiny began to attend Angela's Chakra Yoga classes at the Canoe Seniors Hall around this same time. The two even worked out an energy exchange with each-other, yoga for reiki and reiki for yoga. And it was in this quilt lined Seniors community hall where they would hold their first moon ceremony together not fully anticipating what it was they were beginning to create together.

Covid brought about challenges for the two to host moon ceremonies so they decided to offer private circles. The private circles they wished to offer inspired them to create a platform to reach out for others like them in need for more connection and healing and that is when they birthed "Mystic Moon Sisters" into existence!

The two share the same desire to bring people together to create heartfelt connection, support, and healing. It is their passion to come back to ceremony and traditional teachings from the earth, the moon, the stars, and the soulful existence of connection and community. Through yoga, reiki, meditation, sound therapy, crystal therapy, card readings and circle ceremonies they create together and share the wisdom of all that is, the Mystic Moon Sisters.

Starry Night
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