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Sacred Shakti Circle

This is a class to awaken you divine feminine, sexuality, and passion!

  • 3 hours
  • Prices Vary
  • TBA

Service Description

Shakti is the pure essence of divine feminine energy. This energy is one with mother earth as she is responsible for creation, expansion and nurturing. In the practice of Kundalini, it is said that in your root chakra- at the base of your tailbone, this shakti energy lives coiled and dormant. When your energetic body is open and living in balance she is awakened. Awakening shakti is to harness the power of the serpent as she uncoils and shoots up through all the 7 chakras and in effect awakens your inner goddess! When Shakti goddess is awakened she emanates positivity, vibrancy and is always full of life! Discover and embrace the magnetism of your sexuality and find passion in all aspects of your life with this empowering event of Chakra activation, Reiki healing, Yoga, meditation, and sisterhood. Contact Mystic Moon Sisters to book your Sacred Shakti Circle! Email: Call or Text: Angela (250)8038786 or Destiny (250)8042985 "Wild moon women you were not meant to be tame. You are an earthquake shaking loose everything that is not soul. Shake, women, shake." -Elyse Morgan

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