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Blood Moon in Taurus

Theme: Take care of yourself and each-other as we go through profound transformation and shifts in self-worth and awareness, power and passions, abundance and wealth, spirituality and grounding, pleasure and shadow work, healing trauma and deeper connection.

This moon brings to an end the series of eclipses on the Taurus and Scorpio axis which began in May of this year. You may feel that things you discovered during that time are coming up once again for closure, completion, and integration. With this powerful lunar eclipse, it is literally shaking up our entire world view.

A lunar eclipse or "blood moon" is when the sun, earth, and moon are all in alignment. It’s the earth's shadow over the moon that creates the reddish tint to the moon so look up to the sky tonight to get a glimpse of it for yourself. When a Full moon is in eclipse the effects of the full moon are amplified, Destiny would say "it's like the moon is on steroids!". This moon in Taurus is one of the most powerful moons of the year and it's not surprising to know that Destiny's sign is Taurus! Let's dive into what's shifting and happening with this moon cycle.

Taurus (ruled by planet Venus): this earth sign is all about safety, nourishment, comfort, and support, especially when feelings of emotional vulnerability come to the surface. Intimacy and touch are important at this time whether that be with a loved one, or even by booking yourself in for some TLC, a massage, reiki, or simply a candlelit bath with your favorite essential oils. The north node being in Taurus will shift our collective awareness to security and to what soothes us. It reminds us to connect with Mother Earth and feel held, supported, and abundant in her presence. It helps restore our inner peace when the universe has shaken us to our core, and it helps us feel our inner resilience in the face of any challenges. Taurus tells us to uncomplicate our lives. Bundle up and head outdoors for a hike or moonlit night snow walk.

Taurus asks us:

• Am I in the right relationships? Do my relationships fill me up? What is important to me in life?

This full moon is urging us to try something new and set new goals. Although it may be uncomfortable earthy Taurus reminds us to create comfort for this time. To make it a sacred time. Send thanks and gratitude for the lessons of what you're going though as the energy of the moon shakes-up what is no longer serving your higher purpose.

Scorpio (ruled by planet Pluto): Release and rebirth. Feelings of being out of our comfort zone. The South Node in Scorpio asks us to let go of any victimhood and judgement against others that prevent our growth and wants to bring us more into self-empowerment.

Scorpio asks us:

•What is my dark side? What surfacing traumas are present and how can I move forward and heal? What old patterns am I repeating and willing to release?

Pluto is connected to the god of darkness and the underworld, Hades. Scorpios love to find out the truth and simply cannot stand inauthentic sweet talk. They are often the ones to confront others bluntly with their truth and some people consider them to be "difficult". But the truth will set us free, no matter if it hurts, as we all know. Anything that was once "swept under the rug" is now being exposed with full force.

Grandmother Moon's nodes have been on the Taurus and Scorpio axes since May of this year. In these positions, we have already had the opportunity to see our past wounds, traumas and the resulting effects of them clearly in the last months. If you were working towards goals set earlier this Spring but feel as though you have put them down, now is the time to pick them back up. Whatever shifts you are going through have not been easy and know that you are not alone in this, there has been a collective shift in our world. If we can recognize that without change there is no forward momentum, we can let go of the resistance to change and allow light to illuminate the darkness in ourselves, without fear but with excitement for what's to come. We can leave this year with a new, transformed spirit.



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