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Full Moon In Virgo March 18th 2022

This moon is incredibly spiritual! It's here to say, "your light is needed! Your unique energy is needed! Your passions are needed! Your perspectives and ideas are needed! As you stand up, you take many with you. As you stand in your light, you inspire others to do the same, resulting in lighting up the world. This celestial season is bringing us closer to spirit via meditation, automatic/ free writing or anything that brings us into the arts. We are also being encouraged to surrender and close out what's no longer in alignment with our higher selves. This is where the power of Divine timing comes into play, as we are being guided to go with the flow despite all odds. I've personally had a lot of messages come through from KALI- Goddess of death, time and change. And I wanted to share them with you. You might be receiving gentle blessings or heart-stretching challenges that bring out courage and confidence you never knew you had. This is to awaken and fulfill your divine potential. You can now cut through the confusion to obtain clarity and attract all you need to heal and transform the situation at hand. Listen to your heart, you may need to step away from initial plans and be open to a new path. Remember, authenticity keeps us dialed into our true purpose and passion. KALI reminds us that we are the most powerful and protected when we seek the truth of the heart. Remember, the moon is the ruler of our emotions therefore, don't be surprised if emotions are heightened. It's actually a golden opportunity to explore your emotional needs. Strike a balance between work and service, practicality and impracticality, criticism and acceptance. Full moons are symbolic of "illumination" in our lives. Express yourself and allow these expressions to move through your system. Listen to your intuition- you will likely get strong messages pertaining to your work, habits, health and routines. Also suggesting a healthy relationship through change and transformation. We want to better ourselves and our situation through the revelations occurring. It's a gentle ambitious time. Communications and information gathering will help you on this journey. Coming out of Pisces and into Virgo, this is fertile ground for testing out which aspects of your emotional bonds are real vs. imagined. Do your best to understand this. Tying all of this together we also have the Spring Equinox. A reminder here that it's okay to start over. It's finally time for an energetic shift after some serious astrological events lately. Seasons are changing and we are we're in a Virgo full moon, coming out of Pisces season and welcoming in Aries season. We are being asked to prepare for big things on the way. Spring Equinox is the astrological new year. This marks the sun returning to the first zodiac sign and begins its journey through the 12 signs all over again. It's the perfect time to set your intentions and focus on the seeds you're planting to manifest for the year ahead. Our manifesting powers are at an all time high under this energy so take time to really consider, and GET CLEAR, on what you want for yourself. Re-entering into Aries (one of the fire signs) it's ready to initiate and go after what sets its heart on fire. Maybe we feel a sense of desire to go after our goals, hopes and dreams pushing is towards a new beginning. We are entering a powerful portal to re-establish a deeper connection with our hopes and dreams and to act on them to bring them to light. So have some fun and don't be afraid to chase those dreams. Anything is possible. Here are some Full Moon Affirmations:

*I choose to let my heart and intuition lead. *If it isn't working, I can simply let it go. *I let go of everything holding me back. *I trust the flow of my life. *I welcome all the good things coming my way. *Everything is happening FOR me, not to me. *I am ready for positive changes. And so it is. Blessed be loves.


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