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Full Moon In Gemini


Hello fellow Moon Tribers!

To be honest, the Full Moon after losing my moon sister Destiny brings me so much sadness. The tears spill over as I mourn the loss of her physical presence. Her smile. Her hugs. Her support and friendship. The lead-up to the Full Moon we would be conspiring together on all the things we wished to create, individually and with one another, what we wanted to offer to our community our moon tribe. We would talk about motherhood and the struggles of dealing with the kids around the full moon energy and how to handle the crazy chaos. We anchored each other in validation and understanding no matter the situation. I often pick up my phone to text her or send her pictures or memes that I know she would like or remind me of her. I go to send her photos of our girls playing, laughing and loving on one another and then my heart sinks. Spending time with her girls I am filled with joy to witness all of the love she instilled in them and how truly bright they shine, even now, with the heartbreak of losing their "mumma". My heart aches in losing her. But it aches more for her girls. Often when we are together, we see eagles as we speak of her memory, and it makes us smile. Spiritually I connect with her more than ever around the full moon. I see the Full Moon in the night sky, and I collapse into tears. And then, I talk to her. In all her fullness and wisdom, we catch up over the stars and she reminds me that love is eternal, and she will never truly be gone.

Destiny was the Moon Wisdom and I have been diving into learning as much as I can. Holding onto what she taught me to continue to host circles and offer the wisdom of grandmother moon and stay true to the vision we had together. I am by no means an expert, but I am a devoted student of the universe to learn and encourage others to do the same. Here is what I gathered for the Gemini Full Moon:

Today December 7th, 2022, the moon is full in the Air sign of Gemini. If you have been feeling like you are flowing through emotional Mayhem the past week or month or year, the cosmic energy can be why, and you are not alone! After the last couple of years navigating covid and the pandemic, let's admit it, all of our nervous systems have been shot! As a collective, we can agree we have been tested and challenged through the political waves and movements of the world and on top of that our own shit! And to be clear on what I mean by emotional mayhem I mean feelings of pent-up emotions, feeling out-of-control bursts of happiness one moment and then sadness the next. Feeling snappy and agitated and then calm and collected. Then you maybe feel the need to take a nap but then you are hit with a full-blown anxiety spiral! This never-ending roller-coaster ride of emotions is all thanks to the planet of destruction, action, and drive... MARS. Don't worry, Temperamental Mars is currently in retrograde and is bringing a bout of lessons for us that can be just what we need for growth and forward momentum. With the full moon in the chattiest sign of the Zodiac, this is a good time to get real with yourself and to have a conversation with yourself to truly look at how we can flow when we aren't overreacting. So here are some questions to contemplate...

Are you snapping lately and over-reactive? Who has been getting the brunt of your short fuse? Does there need to be a conversation and explanation to that person? Are you communicating your needs effectively?

Or perhaps you are feeling on the opposite spectrum of the overreactions and are not being assertive or standing up for yourself. The duality of Gemini gives us the opportunity to see the situation from both sides. The twins of Gemini represent our soul and our humanness, our ability to think logically and honour our spiritual calling and desire to bring balance between the two. If you are feeling called to have your voice be heard now is the time to rise sweet child.

The brilliance of the Full Moon in Gemini is giving us the opportunity to reflect and realign with what we are wanting to create for ourselves and to see both sides of any situation. We are manifesting all of the time whether we realize it or not, and what we put out comes back to us because we are attracting it. Gemini sign rules our mind so it is a great time now to find space to harness the energy of the moon to get clear on what you want in life. Use Grandmother Moons energy and wisdom to bring in what you want to attract and release what no longer is serving your higher good. Gemini moon energy, and fiery mars retrograde asks us to avoid angry words and notice how this will change your life. This time is a big turning point for us to let go of angry exchanges and work through powerful emotions to let them go and release them to the divine.

This is the last Full Moon of 2022 can you believe it?! It is the perfect time to let go of any negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs that held you back this year so you can move into 2023 with a clear goal. It is also the time to let go of any upsetting situations that have happened this past year and humbly smooth over these tough times by sending the situation, the people and yourself blessings. This is also a great time to practice forgiveness to yourself and others and offer any upsets to the divine and surrender. If you have been working through shadow work now is the time to heal and move forward. Accept and acknowledge all you have been working through and move forward with the best intentions and gratitude.

Here are some more questions to ponder- thanks to Yasmin Boland and her book Moonology:

  1. If negative thoughts are my enemy, what can I focus on in my life now that is positive?

  2. Which upset am I ready to move on from? How would it feel? Is there someone you need to reach out to?

  3. How might releasing upsets from 2022 make 2023 an even better year for me?

Friday we will be circling up at @shuswapsoundjourney from 6:30-8 and I am so excited to share some really beautiful practices with all of you! This moon circle will be held in the healing waves of sound frequency to amplify the lessons and the energy of this full moon. There is still some space if you would like to join us feel free to register online or call or text me (Angela) at 250-803-8786.

Blessed Moon lovelies! Om Namo Narayana, And so it is!

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