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Full Moon In Leo; Feb 2022

Power. Vitality. Love. Creativity. Self Expression.

Happy Full Moon dear ones,

With this Full Moon in Leo, we are now being asked to put ourselves, our relationships and anything that we are passionate about in the spot light. Be courageous with this. This is our time to really open to the potential we all hold within us and the potential the Universe holds for us. When we pause to take a good, close look at ourselves we are given the opportunity to really celebrate who we are, and who/what we love. We are being asked to really sharpen our focus on our and the collectives move forward into the future. Release inhibitions around authentic communication and self expression. How are you expressing yourself? Allow yourself to be inspired by and with this cosmic energy. Bask in the boldness of it. Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Speak your truth and your inner wisdom. Share your ideas, assert yourself and always, always, always come from a place of love and compassion- for yourself first and then to others. And so it is. Blessed be lovers.


Yoga Sequence to open your Heart and heal your Anahata (Heart) Chakra:

Leo is a fire sign, we can use this Leo full moon energy as a way to purify our hearts intention and burn away whatever it is that is holding us back. Lets focus on the heart, our own inner fire as we flow through some poses to help open and soften any blockages around the heart.

Childs Pose (Balasana)

1. Start on your hands and knees.

2. Sit on your heels, separate the knees, lay your torso down and stretch your arms in front of you.

3. Rest your forehead on your mat, block or bolster. Surrender and soften your heart with each inhale and exhale.

4. Incorporate Bhramari breath, or "bee" breath. Inhale through your nose and on your exhale make a humming noise. Feel the vibration in your heart, clearing away any negativity or tension. Take 5 or more breaths like this.

Cat Cows

  1. Start from table top, wrists under elbows, elbows under shoulders, knees hip width apart.

  2. On an inhale lift your head, chest, and hips, and curve your belly down toward the floor.

3. Exhale, round your spine towards the ceiling, pressing into your hands and tucking your tailbone.

4. Continue to move with your breath focusing on opening and softening your heart.

Puppy Pose/ Melting Heart Pose

1. Start on all fours with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees.

2. Walk your hands forward, pull your hips back toward the heels and lengthen the spine.

3. Rest your forehead on the mat and relax for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Thread the Needle Pose

1. Start in table top, walk your right hand forward and slide the left hand between the right knee and the right hand.

2. Twist your torso to the left and rest your cheek on the mat.

3. Stay in thread the needle pose for 5 breaths, return to neutral position, reverse hands and repeat.

Down Dog

1. From table top, walk your hands out in front of your shoulders on the mat.

2. Press into your hands and lift your hips towards the ceiling beginning to straighten the legs. Breathe into the bottom of your heart.

Low Lunge/ Anjanayasana

1.From downward dog, lift your right led up into three legged dog, as you exhale, step your right foot forward between your hands.

2. Lower your left knee to the floor and place the top of the left foot on the floor.

3. Inhale, lift your torso up and sweep your arms out to the sides and overhead. Option to clasp hands behind back opening into the shoulders and chest.

4. Stay in low lunge pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

5. Exhale, place your hands on the floor, lift your left knee up, step back, and return to downward facing dog pose.

6. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Camel Pose

1. Lie on your back, bend both knees and place your feet flat on the floor.

2. Slide the arms alongside the body and clasp the hands below your pelvis.

3. Press the feet, shoulders, and arms into the floor, inhale and lift the hips and the chest up.

4. Stay in bridge pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Butterfly Pose

1. Sitting on your sit bones, bend your knees, press the soles of your feet together, and drop your knees out to the sides.

2. Lengthen your torso, grasp your big toes and lead with your heart to deepen the stretch towards the mat. Stay in bound angle pose for 1 minute to 2 minutes focusing the breath into the back of the heart and shoulders.


1. From seated extend your legs out with your feet together. Flex out through the feet.

2. Exhale as you bend at the hips and slowly lower your torso. Keep a soft bend in the knees.

3. Lengthen the spine, and stay here for 5-10 breaths.


  1. Lay out on your back, extending your legs out long and your arms at your side. Gently close your eyes.

  2. Allow the mind to be a empty sky, as thought roll in think of them as clouds and see what they stir up within you. With every breath blow the clouds or thoughts away and connect to sensation in the body.

  3. Release, and let go as you sink into this pose for 5-10 minutes.


Journal Prompts and Reflections:

  1. Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart, and take three deep breaths. Connect to sensation at the heart center. Begin to write about sensation in the heart and the body, connecting sensation to a thought or feeling continue to write whatever comes to mind, freely and uninterrupted. Empty out all and any thoughts you need to unload off your chest. Afterwards, when you feel like you have nothing else to write, close your eyes, put your hands on your heart, and take three cleansing breaths. If you feel that the words written are negative or do not serve you, you may choose to crimple it all up and throw it away, or burn it.

  2. Gratitude. Write down 5-10 words of gratitude or blessings you have in your life.

  3. Connecting to your heart, ask yourself... What is my intention that I set with this Leo Full Moon? In what ways can I support this intention in my life? What things, or thoughts hold me back from achieving this intention? What are you ready to let go of in order to move forward?

Angela and Destiny look forward to offer a New Moon Circle Ceremony in March, where we focus on our goals and what we hope to create with the energy of the new moon. The Full Moon ceremony in Virgo will all be by donation towards the Women's Safe Society in Salmon Arm as a way to celebrate the Launch of Mystic Moon Sisters new business to bring people together in support, love and connection. The Moon Sisters will also be offering time slots for Reiki sessions by donation. RSVP via the Event Page on Mystic Moon Website. Reach out today for more info.

And so it is!

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